Saturday, May 21

Welcome To The 21st Masterpiece Monday

Hi! How is your weekend going so far? I've been busy hauling bags of soil home from The Home Depot. The raised vegetable bed is finely filled up with dirt. Yay!
But first, as you can see, there are many holes in between the concrete pieces. So, I had to line the bed first or else the dirt would all run out of the holes the first time I watered it.

 I had a large roll of window screening in the garage and we just had a few windows replaced, so I re-used the old screening too. Once the soil settles in, I'll trim off the screening that's sticking out and showing still.
 For now, I planted a blueberry bush, which I've never grown before and I'm really excited about. And I bought an eggplant, because I love eggplant! And two zucchini  plants because they get big and produce a lot.
I'm going see how big they get and add some different ones as the Summer progresses.
 My blueberry bush came with berries already on it!

 And I bought some herbs for another container, Italian parsley, basil and cilantro.

 I finished up the brick barbecue area and filled in the cracks with free
sand from the beach. I just sweep it in, super easy.
The bricks looked really wavy to me when I finished, oh well.....
Anyway, my husband is happy with his new little area. :O)
And the whole area will look better once the bark is down. I did pull out the umbrella for the first time this year. It normally goes on the main patio over the table, but I like it over here now, to shade us while we grill.
After I was done with the side yard for the day, I took a little break and stopped
by a neighbors yard sale. I found a vintage book and some old road maps.
The book has this picture in it, kinda cool, eh? And as for the road maps, I'm going to use them to craft with, I think, they were only 5 cents each and the book was 40 cents.
My other find were these blue margarita glasses, a dollar each!

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  1. I've laid my fair share of bricks and they look great. Wavy or not bricks are amazing in any part of your yard. I'm sure you will enjoy that spot you made. I find myself looking at bricks I put down with a sense of wonder ! ♥ What could be better than a dollar each for the glasses! The only thing that could make them better is to have a margarita in them! Have a great week, thanks for sharing. Jules

  2. The garden is looking wonderful. It is a ton of work, but it is coming along beautifully. Great finds on the books and glasses also. Hugs, Marty

  3. Wow you are working hard in the garden!! I love the galvanized tub you are using for the planter. The thought of growing your own blueberries---I wish they would grow here!

    bee blessed

  4. Love the wonderful area that you have created, Mary! Your own blueberry! I would love that! Happy weekend!...hugs...Debbie

  5. You're doing a great job! It's really looking good. I'm all linked up for this week. Have a great and productive week :-)

  6. You have been one busy lady!! Your hard work really paid off, it looks wonderful.
    Thanks for hosting.

  7. how adorable are those blue glasses?! I'd so use them for dessert :) Sorbet with a sprig of mint, or peach cobbler ala mode. Great job in the garden - my basil is growing like crazy this year. The sweet basil roots very easily in water, so when I clip off a few sprigs I put the stems in a jar of water and generate new plants.
    Thanks for hosting the party today!

  8. What a great job and just in time for summer. Glad you found some time to get out to the yard sale. I love old maps, so many possibilities.

  9. Well, you have got some projects going on! The patio looks great and I love all the containers for the plants!

  10. YES!'ll be enjoying fresh veggies and berries before ya know it.Your hardwork will soon pay-off,great job....a MASTERPIECE!
    Thank you for hosting Masterpiece Monday!

  11. I love a garden and yours looks very artsy like

    Also those blue glasses are just my type


  12. Charming area! Good luck with your cilantro ~ I hope you have more luck with yours than I have. Thanks for hosting!

    Susan and Bentley

  13. Woo hoooo! You'll be pickin' blueberries before you know it!!! Great job with your raised garden - and your cozy little grill area for hubster! :)

    xoxo laurie

  14. Your raised vegetable bed is coming along very good,Mary. And I love the brick patio area. You have created a nice and cozy sitting area. Loving the blue margarita glasses... great finds! The herbs in the galvanized container is a great idea... pretty soon you will have lots of herb for your cooking. Have a happy and safe holiday weekend and thanks for having us each week!~Poppy